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My Granny’s Cakes started a long time ago back when I was just a little girl. I remember lazy summer days with the Young & the Restless, The Price is Right, or As the World Turns playing softly in the background while I standing on my Granny’s heels in anticipation of what she would let me do next. I remember waiting in anticipation for her to finish with the cake bowl so I could beg to lick off the cake batter.

This was my reward for being a good helper! I remember Granny warning me not to eat too much because the egg in the batter would make me sick. Sometimes her warnings were a little late since I had already cleaned the bowl.  I remember all the wonderful sweet scents and aromas of yummy desserts baking at a tender slow pace. I remember staring into the oven watching the cakes rise to a yummy golden brown.




My Granny worked me hard as her little helper, but little did I know that Granny was planting her gifts in me. For that I am eternally grateful! My Granny’s Cakes was named in her honor. My Granny’s Love for others was something that just came naturally.  If you stopped by Granny’s house…whether you were family or not you would never leave hungry.

Our mission here at My Granny’s cakes is to give every one of you nostalgic warm loving thoughts of your Granny, or your Mom, or your Auntie or just anyone that stood in as a loving surrogate Granny. We hope when you taste our desserts you will feel and taste the Love in every bite just like Granny used to make.

My Granny’s Cakes

Made with Love!




Nicole Jones





My Granny

My Granny

"Back in The Day"

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